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Spend vs save iPhone app available free from the AppStore.

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Track your discretionary spending with this iPhone app. Forget your fixed expenses (mortgage/rent, loans, fixed mobile plans, cable, insurance, etc) and focus your efforts on what’s left over… the money you have some discretion over.


Start tracking your spending for a week. The app suggests you start on a Sunday but if you start on another day just enter your expenses going back to Sunday. The week  finishes on Saturday for a reason. Saturday was chosen because this is the day when many of us spend the most of our disposal income. If you find you have already spent most of your disposal income before Saturday rolls around perhaps this insight might influence your spending.

After a week of tracking your discretionary spending the iPhone app creates a budget for you based on your spending. Then you can manage your budget by allocating amounts to items that you spend money on. 

Click here for the Spend vs save iPhone app.


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